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the farmhouse collection

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Farmhouse style jars in five warm, sweet, and foodie scents. Made with luxurious coconut wax, they burn clean, smell fantastic, and last so very long.

Peach Tree:

sweet peaches • local honey • warm summer day

Banana Nut Bread: 

ripe bananas• cinnamon • walnuts

Lemon Poundcake:

tart lemon zest • buttery batter • powdered sugar glaze

Lilac Cuttings:

fresh lilac • sunshine • springtime

Blueberry Buckle:

plump blueberries • buttery crust • vanilla bean

Strawberry Shortcake:
ripe berries • sponge cake • vanilla cream

Made with our proprietary coconut wax blend, these candles burn clean and are made without any parabens or phthalates. With proper wick trimming, they burn longer and cleaner than soy or paraffin wax, about 10 to 15% longer for the same volume.

This size is perfect for a medium-sized room and will burn for an estimated 40 hours or more.